The Book

AutoCAD Handbook 3rd Edition CoverAutoCAD - A Handbook for Theatre Users 3rd Edition

The first edition was published by ET Press in January of 2005. After much struggling with how to approach it, I eventually hit upon one large project running throughout the book.
I selected the creation of a Groundplan and 3D rendering of a fictional theatre. By this method most of the techniques required are covered in a theatrical context that people should be to relate to
Exercises and examples throughout the book help the reader monitor their progress in using AutoCAD. AutoCAD releases up to 2004 are covered in the first edition.

The second edition covers 2009 to 2010. Users of AutoCAD 2011 up until 2013 will also be able to use the book, with minor adjustments

The 3rd edition covers AutoCAD 2014 onwards has 340 pages and over 300 illustrations. Supporting files for the exercises in the book are available from the ET Books website.

I am currently updating it to show AutoCAD 2018, aiming for release before 2019 is out in March!




Reviews for the first edition

‘His book will in fact prove useful to anyone learning AutoCAD, in any number of disciplines’ ‘well-written, concise and easy to understand’ LSI Online

AutoCAD - A Handbook for Theatre Users 3rd Edition ISBN 978-1904031741

ET Press Reference 1020, Applications and Techniques Series

Other writing

I have written articles previously for the ALD as well as Lighting and Sound International and the ABTT’s Sightline Magazine

In December 2009 I wrote a 2 part article on using CAD in live theatre. AUGI (Autodesk Users Group International) represents all sorts of users of Autodesk programmes, so a lot of the article is about explaining how theatre works. CAD in Live Theatre

Most recently I contributed sections on a variety of CAD and visualistion programs for the second edition of Skip Mort’s Stage Lighting: The Technicians Guide.

I no longer sell the book directly, frankly, it’s too much hassle, so please contact ET Books if you want it via the link above.