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The AutoCAD training I provide is available through two main routes, described below

In both cases, the coursework is the same, being six parts online teaching. Feedback is via email with various exercises in the coursework which are submitted to monitor progress.

The course is largely based on AutoCAD’s 2D functionality with a short bonus 3D tutorial at the conclusion of the course. It covers all the commands you will generally need and so you can do as many or as few modules as you like or fel you need. I cover the variations between the Windows and Mac versions but as these are often to do with the operating system, it may be different when a Mac user is on the course, due to Apple upgrading the OS.

I haven’t created a longer 3D course as yet as we haven’t yet had the demand, however that is always under review, so let me know what you think, via the Contact button.

The course is updated as required, depending on what new features are in new releases or major changes. The current course is based around AutoCAD 2019. The current course syllabus is here  As the logo shows I am an Autodesk Certified Professional

The course via the ABTT

Firstly you will need to be a member of the ABTT or work for an organisation that is a member. As I said above the course is the same either way but the added advantage of the ABTT way is that you can access a student copy of AutoCAD for free. This is obviously only available once you have signed up for the course and filled out the appropriate forms and proofs.

You can do this course for either version of AutoCAD (Mac or Windows) but only the ‘full’ version of AutoCAD is available via the Autodesk Education website that you access once you have signed up for the course.

Contact the ABTT via their website for pricing  or use the contact button if you have any questions about it.

The course direct

Obviously I can provide the course direct, if you aren’t a member of the ABTT. However I can’t provide the software as the ABTT can, so if you will need to have access to AutoCAD already

The price is the same as the ABTT course as is the content. Contact me for more information

In Person training

I am, occasionally available to do in house training for companies or run courses at other venues, such as Royal Central. I generally advertise these through The Blue Room, The Mandy Network, the various associations; ASD, ALD, SMA SBTD and so on as well as the Central website

Again contact me for more information, if you are interested

Course users include

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