AutoCAD LogoI can offer two types of consultancy - CAD based advice and general Theatre Consultancy

CAD Consultancy

People often rush into the purchase of CAD systems without regard to how they will use it, who will use it and what changes it will bring.This often leads to an expensive investment being under utilised or not used at all

I can offer advice and guidance on the area of CAD implementation and use before the money is spent

Areas covered can include:

Hardware and infrastructure issues


User skills levels and training requirements

Implementation of CAD standards and ways of working

Advice on best practice

Advice on file exchange protocols

Advice on retaining intellectual property whilst distributing drawings externally

Production team collaboration systems

Draughting Services

Often drawings are needed quickly or cannot be provided in house, in time or in the right format. I can provide draughting services as required; groundplans, technical drawings, LX Plots etc. Previous clients include Stage Technologies and the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Charges are based on an hourly rate and drawings can
be submitted in a variety of formats; including paper!

Surveying Services

How confident are you about your building’s drawings? Or those of buildings you are going into? Many groundplans are copies of paper copies or architects’ intentions; not ’as built’ by the contractors.

I can provide a surveying service to ensure your drawings are accurate and presented clearly to any users. Previous clients include The Watermill Theatre in Newbury, Kirklees Council’s Town Halls; Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Batley and Clackheaton and the Southbank Centre, London

Again charges are hourly based and drawings can be created in any format required by the venue.

Theatre Consultancy

I have considerable experience across a range of disciplines in the entertainment industry as well as a some working with contractors on installations. Having been on the receiving end of a new venue, as well as being part of the design team for new spaces I have a good understanding of both sides’ approaches and needs and can offer advice with that perspective.

Most recently I ran the client side for Central’s North Block development consisting of five studio space plus ancillary rooms, offices and so on. The project including a fully LED lighting installation for both ‘domestic’ and Production use and was rated BREEAM Excellent. It has been nominated for the RIBA Regional Awards this year.

Venues I have worked on include Reading Youth Theatre; East 15’s Clifftown Studios, Southend for AMPC and Bodo Kulturhuset, Norway, for Arup as well as assorted ships and hotels for TED AV and my then local village hall in Killearn, Stirlingshire.

Previous Clients and Projects include:

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